Declaring My Political Ambitions

As you can detect from the tagline, this is a political blog. It is a blog where I deal with various political questions, based on what I consider to be an enlightened perspective. When I told my friends that I was considering setting up a political blog, they were greatly exited. They kept on asking me to declare my political ambitions: this out of the widely held view that the people who set up personal political blogs tend to be people with personal political ambitions. Thus, when I told my friends that I was setting up a personal political blog, they too, coming from that background, were interested in knowing what my political ambitions are.

In declaring my political ambitions, I have to start by pointing out that I have no intention of offering myself as a candidate for any political seat in the near future. This declaration should serve to assuage incumbents and people who are preparing to offer themselves as candidates, and who would otherwise have viewed me as a potential competitor. If you are in those groups, be rest assured that at least for now, you won’t be having me as your competitor. Thank you.

For the time being, I am confining myself to trying to understand how politics really works, both on the surface and behind the scenes. I would only declare my interest in any given political seat once I have a good understanding of how politics really works. I would only do so once I have established reasonably good political support networks, with which I would have a reasonable chance of winning a seat. I certainly don’t want to stand for election at this point, and end up being one of those ‘fringe candidates’ who usually stand in elections where they know that they have absolutely no chances of winning. Rather than put myself through such humiliations, I’d rather continue working at a place like Walmart, and regularly going to the Walmartone login page to sign in and check my online pay stubs. However modest. That, to me, is more satisfactory than offering myself as a candidate for a political position which I know that I have very slim chances of winning.

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