Selecting a Political Party to Join

It is only recently that I started to take politics seriously. Previously, my participation in politics was limited to voting in the presidential elections, once every four years. But lately, I have started to take politics more seriously, after getting to a point of appreciating just how much politics affects our day to day life.

As I have come to learn, I need to take things step by step. One of the first steps I have to take (now that I have decided to start taking politics seriously) is that of selecting a political party to join. Apparently, I can’t claim to be a person who takes politics seriously, yet I am not a member of any political party. Thus, I am now faced with a situation where I have to pick a political party that I can subsequently become a member of.

I have come to realize that as an American, my choices when it comes to the selection of a political party are limited. There are only two political parties that are considered to be serious: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. There are, of course, other smaller parties here and there, but those are not considered to be serious parties.

Having myself confined to either selecting to become a member of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party has turned out to be a disappointment for me. (Of course, I always knew that these were the major parties, but I had never given the issue much thought. What a blonde I am. Wink, Wink.) You see, going by the nature of the political beliefs I hold, I would be best described as a person who is a social democrat at heart. Yet, as I have come to realize, there is really no serious social democratic party that I can join in the USA.

Under the circumstances that I find myself in, I am inclined to (half-heartedly) join the Democratic Party – because that seems to be the party where my social democracy ideals can be best accommodated. But I have to mention that my decision to join America’s Democratic Party is a huge compromise: and if there was a serious party that was purely dedicated to social democracy ideals, then that is the party I would have joined.

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